Green Vacations

Planning your Green Vacations

Read and Relax Vacation

Go somewhere closer to home (via car, train, or bus) and spend your entire trip reading and relaxing. Not only is this rejuvenating but it has a low impact on the environment.

Visit State and National Parks

There are state/national parks across the world. Visit them to support their conservation efforts.

Visit Family and Friends

When you visit family and friends on vacation you’re sharing resources and thus more likely to be green. Plus, you’ll get the insider’s scoop on the destination you’re visiting.

Train to Anywhere

Taking an overnight train is an incredible experience and it makes for a very green vacation. Amtrak (in the US) has more options than you might think. Looking for an ultimate train ride? Check out the Trans-Siberian. Fair warning: 7 days on a train is a very very long time.